Classic Sectional Boat Docks

Sure it looks great, but a dock is about more than just style - it also has to be safe,
smart and easy to maintain. The difference here is in the details…

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some common questions about the Classic Sectional Dock product.

What are the dimensions of the classic dock sections?

4' sections are 50.5" x 95". 6' sections are 68.5" x 95". 8' dock sections are 92.5" x 95".

What is the maximum water depth the dock will work in?

The standard combination of leg frames and adjustable leg extensions can be used to reach water depths up to 147" (12' 3").

Classic Seasonal Dock Water Depths
Classic Seasonal Water Depths Chart
* Leg Frames are also available in 6' and 8' wide sections.
** Maximum water depth is based on 18" from the top of the dock to the water line. Some lake conditions may require additional clearance.

How many sizes of leg frames does ShoreStation offer?

We offer six different sizes: 15", 22", 36", 48", 66" and 84". The same frames are used with both Stationary and Rolling Dock systems.

Leg Frame Sizes - 15in, 22in, 36in, 48in, 66in and 84in

These leg frames are combined with our adjustable leg extensions to conform with the natural slope of the lakebed. They are available in two different styles – LX for Stationary Dock (pictured) and LXR for Rolling Dock.

Leg Extension Lock

Leg Extension Lock
This optional bracket keeps the leg locked at the proper height and prevents it from extending during rough weather.

What does ShoreStation suggest for the distance from the top of the dock to the water?

1) Dock to Water Line - 2) Water Depth 1) Dock to Water Line - is measured from the top of the dock to the top of the water. A minimum of 18" is recommended. In many cases, more than 18" is required to accommodate rough waves and other conditions. Your dealer can help you select the proper dock height for your lake conditions.

2) Water Depth - is measured from the water line to lake bed.

What is the width of the stairs?

The Aqua Step is 30" wide and the Shore Steps are 48" wide.

What treatment does ShoreStation use on cedar sideboards?

ShoreStation uses "Transparent Natural Cedar." It is available through your ShoreStation dealer in gallons as item #4040132.

How long is the warranty for the docks?

See Dock Warranty »