Classic Docks

Sure it looks great, but a dock is about more than just style - it also has to be safe,
smart and easy to maintain. The difference here is in the details…

Choose your DOCK STYLE

ShoreStation Classic Sectional Dock welded deck sections are available in your choice of Low Maintenance Aluminum or Nostalgic Cedar. All hardware and component parts are constructed of the highest quality materials. From the galvanized steel leg frames to the stainless steel cotter keys, everything is designed with durability in mind.

Low Maintenance Aluminum - Nostalgic Cedar

Low Maintenance Aluminum

The roll-in and free-standing support systems feature screw-adjust legs allowing for quick height adjustment for different depths or changing water levels. Adjustments are easily made without ever stepping into the water.

Nostalgic Cedar

Nothing can match the lasting beauty and durability of western red cedar. These sections feature only the finest, beveled-edged cedar planks with matching side-boards for a sturdy, traditional look. Whether you choose to stain your dock, or leave it unfinished, you'll be amazed by the durability of this natural wonder.

Free Standing

+ Advantages

The Classic Sectional Dock is the most versatile style and perfect for almost any type of lakefront. The foot pads on each of the legs that simply rest on the lake bottom. This allows the dock to work in difficult situations such as steep drop-offs and rocky, uneven bottoms. The various leg frame and extension leg combinations allow it to work in water up to 12' 4" deep.

New Eon Marine® Sideboards & Accessories

The Dock of Ages

Eon Marine® is a unique, 100% synthetic material that offers the beauty of natural wood, without all the maintenance. It is resistant to heat, cold, mold, mildew, UV rays, and insects, so it stands the test of time.

That's why this material carries a 25 year limited warranty.

To prove that the enduring beauty of Eon is second to none, Atlas Material Testing Solutions, an independent third party, performed unbiased, real-life, weather testing of Eon products, natural wood, and some of the leading composite products. The results clearly show how well Eon maintains its beautiful appearance and color over time, outperforming real wood and the composites.

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