Classic Docks

Sure it looks great, but a dock is about more than just style - it also has to be safe,
smart and easy to maintain. The difference here is in the details…

Easy does it!

Genuine ShoreStation dock has been engineered
to minimize headaches and maximize your play time.

Putting It All Together

Putting It All Together

Do-it-yourselfers and professional dock installers both agree - Genuine ShoreStation Dock is a breeze to install. Design breakthroughs like these spring-loaded locking pins that connect the sections, make the process fast and pain-free. Whether you prefer to work from the dock or in the water, complete layouts can be installed in half the time of ordinary dock systems.

Assembling The Sections

Assembling The Sections

Simply align the interlocking channels and lift the leg assembly into place.

Adjusting & Leveling

Once the sections are positioned, the installer steps down on the foot pad, setting the leg to the proper height. The cam-action of the Byro Leg Lock provides a firm, stable hold and can be adjusted by simply releasing the lever.

Easy Installation

From the dock...

Aluminum dock sections, or any install involving cold or deep water can be done from the dock. To simplify this process, we have developed the unique Crane Man installation device. Crane Man acts as your partner in the water allowing a single operator to float dock sections into position and attach them.

... or from the water

Cedar dock sections float and can be installed using our simple Float-Flip-Fasten process.
NOTE: Aluminum sections can be installed using this method, using the optional float accessories.


Inverted with the leg assemblies attached, each cedar section floats easily into place.


The offset weight distribution created by the leg assembly facilitates an easy flip into position.


The mounting channel of the new section rests in the channel of the existing section. Simply release the spring-loaded Dock Lever Locks and the two sections become one.