Custom Dock Systems

Stability, safety, simplicity - the difference is in the details.

What dock system do I need?

Classic Sectional dock system   ShoreBridge dock system
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Deck Options   Deck Options Painted Aluminum w/ Cedar or EON sides.
Nostalgic Cedar w/ Cedar sides.
  Low maintenance Painted Aluminum.
Section Sizes   Section Sizes 2x8, 4x8, 6x8, 8x8, 45 degree 4x8, Miter Corner   4x8, 4x16, Miter Corner
Installation   Installation Carry-in or Float in   Roll-in, Carry or Float in
Assembly   Assembly No tools needed - No nuts & bolts.
Connect & Level in minutes.
  Tools & connectors required for initial installation and adjustment
Leg Style Options   Leg Style Options Leg Frames w/ telescoping Leg Pads Adjust &
Level with Cam Lever Leg Lock
  4 Leg Support Options:
* Roll-In w/ Screw-Adjust system
* Free-Standing Leg Pads w/ Screw-Adjust system
* Pipe - NPS 1-1/2" Schedule 40 (1.9" O.D.)
* 4X4 Wood Piles
Lifestyle Accessories   Lifestyle Accessories Wide assortment w/ Quick-Connect attachment.
No Tools required.
  Wide assortment w/ bolt-on connectors
Maximum Water Depth   Maximum Water Depth 12 ft.   *8-12+ ft
Lake Bed Types   Lake Bed Types Recommended for firm lake beds   Most lake types depending on leg style
Storage   Storage Knocked-down section and leg stacks   Assembled leg & sections
* Depending on leg style or pile support structure