FlexPower® Electric

From covered to cruising, Electric models secure convenience at your fingertips.

Our new line of Electric models
represents the next
generation of ShoreStation®
Lifts – an innovative electric
drive unit with fully-integrated
motor and state-of-the-art
push-button control.

Simple, Integrated Design

The time-tested ShoreStation winch has a direct drive motor that is integrated and enclosed reducing exposure to the outdoor environment. The rugged, galvanized steel winch frame reduces deflections and maintains alignment of internal components.

Lift System Protection

Electric systems feature a back-wind sensor and upper limit switch protecting the lift from damage. The adjustable upper limit switch stops the platform at any desired height for added protection.

Reliable DC Power

The solar-powered, DC operating system eliminates the need for an AC circuit on the dock, providing safety and superior performance on command.


The stylish, corrosion-free cover protects the motor from the elements while giving the unit a clean, finished appearance.

Groove Drum

The grooved winch drum eliminates cable contact while winching for maximum cable life.

Battery Charging System

Power the lift with clean, free solar power. The speedy 20 watt charger features a solar regulator to prevent battery drain and protect your battery from permanent damage caused by overcharging.

Drop Side

The unique Drop Side provides easy access to your boat


Pivoting maintenance free aluminum/poly bunks are mounted on sturdy support channels to shoulder the load.

Dockside Up/Down Operation

Misplaced your remote? Use the convenient up/down switch with key lock-out mounted directly on your lift.

Wireless Remote

Raise and lower your ShoreStation® Electric lift with this handy remote transmitter. Two come standard

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