Boat Lift Guides

Customize your lift with premium options & accessories!

Boat Guides

Guide your boat properly into positioning with boat lift guides. Our fully adjustable, low maintenance, poly covered guides provide maximum protection for your boat and lift.

Horizontal Load Guides

Horizontal Load Guides

(GlideRail/GlidePole Boarding Step)

Unique extended flare design allows for easy entrance into your lift in wind and waves. Fully adjust horizontally and vertically for a perfect fit. Available in 3 lengths for lifts 1500 lb. to 15,000 lb. The optional non-skid boarding step provides safety when accessing your boat.

ShoreStation GlideRail Demonstration

This video demonstrates landing a boat on a ShoreStation Boat Lift with the GlideRail load guide system installed.

GlideRail/GlidePole Construction

NEW! GlideRail/GlidePole Construction

Quickly adjusts for various boat hulls and water depths with the NEW t-slot design. The durable aluminum core with non-marring UV stable poly sheath are sure to protect your boat while absorbing repeated shocks.

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Guide Posts

Post Load Guides

  1. GlidePole – Pivots on the corner of your lift to provide a visual aid when centering and landing your boat on the lift. Fully adjustable inward, outward, and vertically for desired protection. Available in 2 lengths for 3,000 lb. to 10,000 lb. lifts.
  2. Front Post Load guides – Keeps the boat's bow centered when landing in high wind or waves. Mounts on the front cradle tube to provide full adjustability for a perfect fit.
  3. Post Load Guides for Tritoons – No need to sacrifice lift width when adding load guides for Tritoons. These short 23" high poly-covered posts are installed on the lift under the Tritoon deck, inside the outer tubes.
Centering Device

Spring Loaded Load Guides

The flex-action of these new spring loaded load guides makes loading your boat easier than ever. As the boat enters the lift they self-adjust to keep the boat centered for trouble-free loading every time.

Spring-loaded Centering Device and GlidePole Demonstration

This video shows a quick demonstration of landing a boat on a ShoreStation lift with the exclusive Spring Loaded Centering Device and GlidePole accessories installed.