Manual Boat Lifts

From 1200 lb. fishing boats, to the largest 5000 lb. cruisers,
you'll get years of convenient, dependable operation.

For 1200 lb. fishing boats, to
5000 lb. cruisers, you’ll get
years of convenient dependable operation.

ShoreStation Winch -

Has earned the trust of thousands of boat owners with decades of proven history. It offers smoother lifting and dependability far superior to any ordinary winch. The Wheel Lock Mechanism safety feature is spring activated, preventing the platform from being raised too high.

Lift Level’r -

Level your lift and stay dry with our new screw-adjustment leg system! A cordless drill allows quick height adjustment with fluctuating water levels.

Durable Low
Maintenance Construction -

Everything is designed for years of dependable service: aluminum construction, stainless steel cables, poly/aluminum bunks, sealed roller bearings in winch tube pulleys, stainless steel/brass fasteners, GAR-MAX bushings. The bolt-together aluminum construction provides superior environmental endurance and eliminates the need for aluminum welds while adding to the strength and stability of the lift.

Superior Design -

The “V” shape of the platform allows for operation
in shallow water and provides easier centering. It is
raised and lowered vertically to eliminate torque
that would fatigue and weaken the lift. In the “up” position, there are no moving parts left in the water which minimizes corrosion.

Motor Stop-

For an added measure of safety and
perfect positioning time after time.

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