Cantilever PWC Lifts

The aluminum construction can handle 1 or 2 watercraft
up to 1000 lb.

Safe & Easy Operation-

The 30" operator's wheel(s) and brake winch provide safe, smooth operation.

Designed for Larger PWC’s-

With 1000 lb. capacity this heavy-duty aluminum cantilever style lift can handle larger watercrafts.

Double the fun-

Needing a lift for two. The two place lift has space for two 1000 lb. machines with independently operated lift platforms and operator’s wheel.

Minimum Maintenance-

Corrosion resistant aluminum construction thermoplastic pulleys and stainless steel bearing surfaces ensuring years of dependable service.

More Choice-

Available with 4 legs for deeper water and canopy installation.

Carpeted bunks-

Self adjusting pivoting bunks cradle the watercraft’s hull, providing better support and evenly distributing weight.

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