Pile Mount Lifts

Remarkably Fast, Simply Reliable

Loaded with features for
your Peace of Mind. Unique
fast, synchronized lifting
with safe wireless operation.

15 Year Cable Warranty

Our lifts are backed by the best warranty in the
industry! Our unique design never winds the cables
on a pipe, significantly increasing cable life.
Yearly cable maintenance is a thing of the past!

Wireless Operation

Raise and lower your ShoreStation FlexPower®
hydraulic lift with this water resistant multi-functional remote. Programming and operation all in one unit! Comes standard with 2 remote transmitters.

Minimum Maintenance

ShoreStation will protect your boat for years to come
with its low maintenance aluminum construction,
stainless steel cables, stainless steel & brass fasteners,
and self-lubricating Garmax bushings. In addition
when in the up position there are no moving parts left
in the water minimizing corrosion.

Unique Tandem Hydraulic Design

With the simple push of a button the tandem hydraulic pump delivers equal volume to both cylinders, resulting in synchronized lifting that automatically keeps the lift platform level. Eliminating the need for dual motors or manual adjustment.

Powerful FlexPower®
Hydraulic System

Safe, reliable, powerful operating system. Choose from our totally automatic power supplies:

Battery Tender

Battery Tender®

Recharge the lift battery with AC power source.

Solar Panel

Solar Panel

Safe free solar power with integrated charge regulator that eliminates the need for AC power on the dock.


Don't spoil your waterfront view with an unsightly lift. With ShoreStation you choose whether to mount the lifting mechanism above or below dock level for an invisible profile. The hydraulic power unit can also be hidden from sight.

Unique Pile Mount Covered Dock
Standard Open Dock Style Pile Mount

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Fast, Effortless Lift

You may have to see it to believe it! ShoreStation Piling Mount Lifts raise and lower your boat 4 to 5 times faster than the traditional pole winders systems, making loading and lifting in wind and waves a breeze!

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