Pile Mount Lifts

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Pile Mount Lift Installation Options

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Customize your shorefront with ShoreStation Hydraulic Boat Lifts

From simple to sophisticated. Overhead to under-deck. The options are endless!

This isn't your typical boat lift! Our unique above-the-water hydraulic design allows you to get creative so your shorestyle complements your lifestyle.

Install high for tidal fluctuation, deck level for a low profile look, or deck over the platform. Hang it from the ceiling, hide it in the roof or mount it under the deck.

Your contractor can help you design a custom shorefront to meet your needs.

When it comes to your time on the water, every moment is precious. ShoreStation FlexPower® Hydraulics make boating simple and swift, from launch to lift. Getting you to the fun more quickly, allowing you to make memories for a while longer.

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2014 NMMA Award Winner

Award Winning Patented System

Recently awarded the 2014 NMMA Innovative Product of the Year, this boat lift offers everything you need and more. Check out the comparison guide to see why we blow the competition out of the water!

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