Pontoon Lifts

ShoreStation Pontoon Lifts have been updated to fit today's larger, heavier pontoons. In addition
to the new sizes and better fit, these lifts have the same great quality as our standard line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some common questions about the Pontoon lift options.

New pontoon purchase FAQ:

What is the minimum water depth for a pontoon lift?

16" plus the draft of the tons.

What is the maximum water depth for a pontoon lift?

With the standard lift legs, 61". With the longer SSKA legs, 81".

Do I need a load guide for a pontoon lift?

The centering or log rack device should guide your pontoon on to the lift.

Can I get a canopy for a pontoon lift?

Yes, the canopy frame and canopy can be ordered through your ShoreStation dealer.

Are pontoon lifts available in hydraulic and electric versions?

Yes, see your dealer for pricing and availability information.

Converting a standard lift to a pontoon lift FAQ:

If I have a 3000 – 6000 lb. carrying capacity lift with a galvanized steel or aluminum lift platform, what pontoon kit do I need?

For the 50132L model, the HA0172. For all other models in this carrying capacity range, the HA0132.

If I have a steel v-frame lift, what pontoon kit do I need?

The HA0088.

What if I want to support my pontoon with poly bunks alone?

Check out the HA0173 for the 50132L lift and the HA0166 for all other 3000 – 6000 lb. carrying capacity lifts.