ShoreStation’s ShoreScreen makes 2017 Top 50 Products list


Boating Industry Magazine included ShoreStation’s ShoreScreen™ Power Curtain in the magazine’s fourth annual Boating Industry Top Products list, which highlights new and updated marine industry products and services. Products on the list stood out among the hundreds of nominations because of innovative design and how the product impacted the marine industry, according to the magazine.

“People just want to be able to protect their boats from the weather in a way that still allows them to get out on the water without a lot of hassle,” said Jon Devitt, Chief Product Officer at Midwest Industries, Inc. “That’s what ShoreScreen does and it’s nice to be recognized for the impact it’s having.”

ShoreScreen is an automated canopy system that can be raised and lowered with the touch of a button on a wireless remote control. The same pocket-size remote that raises and lowers the ShoreScreen system can also raise and lower a ShoreStation hydraulic boat lift, which makes for twice the convenience.

The ShoreScreen Power Curtain protects boats from the damaging UV radiation in sunlight, and also keeps birds, the weather and wind-blown debris out. The system is designed to be durable, while providing sturdy protection for years of use.

A high-tech breathable mesh, called SunTex 80, allows airflow over a covered boat, which prevents heat from building up even during summer’s warmest days. The mesh absorbs and helps dissipate about 80 percent of the sun’s heat. The mesh also prevents mildew buildup while the canopy is rolled up.

The ShoreScreen design takes into consideration the needs of wakeboarding and pontoon boats, according to Devitt. Two drive motors simultaneously raise and lower four separate mesh screens. The system can be easily retrofitted to fit over previously installed ShoreStation boat lifts, he said.

“Everyone knows how much trouble it can be to work with traditional mooring covers,” Devitt said. “ShoreScreen lets you uncover your boat in about thirty seconds, without having to undo any straps or snaps.”

Midwest Industries, Inc. is based in Ida Grove, Iowa. Along with ShoreScreen, the company manufactures a wide range of boat lifts, docks, trailers and other products. For more information, visit