Boat Lift Advantage

Boat Lift Advantages

When founder Byron Godbersen designed the first ShoreStation back in 1959, he engineered it to work smarter than other lifts, but he also did one other thing – he over-built it. Heavier materials, stronger winches, better cables. Why all the fuss? Well, Byron believed that weekends at the lake should be spent relaxing with the family, not fixing broken equipment. Dependability was key way back then and it still is today. Relax, and spend your weekends doing what you love.


The old adage "you get what you pay for" couldn't be more true when it comes to ShoreStation® boat lifts. With 50 years of experience and continuous improvement, we have perfected the art of building the best! Our "robust" design provides the lowest cost of ownership among any lift, not to mention peace of mind about costly and time-consuming repairs. When you are ready to upgrade your boat lift, ShoreStation® used boat lifts have the highest resale value of any lift brand.

Why DC

Our DC system is the power source for our hydraulic and electric lift lines. It offers more speed and reliability, and ultimately provides power source flexibility to ensure safe and optimal boat lift performance time after time. Choose from the popular 12v or 24v solar panel option, or the 110v battery tender.

Concerned about battery maintenance? Don't be! The majority of our customers find our DC system to be much less maintenance (and less costly) than AC systems. It is common to leave the battery on the lift even through the winter. As long as the battery keeps it charge through the solar panel during outdoor storage, the battery is maintained year round regardless of weather conditions. Learn more about ShoreStation® Lifts, and the advantages of DC power at the following links:

Superior Design

Hydraulic Lifts

ShoreStation® Hydraulic lifts are the best of the best! You will not find a more convenient or faster boat lift on the market! We utilize cables with our hydraulic lift system, which allow for the cylinders to be "high and dry" resulting in less exposure to corrosive conditions. Our cables are 7x19 stainless steel, and are never wound, therefore we can offer the industry best 15-year cable warranty! Hydraulic cylinders retract to lift the boat, which means the sealing surfaces are protected when the lift is in the "up" position (where it sits 90% of the time).

Safety is a focal point in our design, as our Hydraulic lifts cannot be overwinched because the system will allow hydraulic fluid to bypass if bottomed out. In addition, our hydraulic fluid is biodegradable and environmentally friendly (approved by EPA).

Electric Lifts

ShoreStation® Electric lifts offer convenience and quality at a reasonable price. Superior engineering is what sets these lifts apart from the competition! Winch drum placement is critical because close cable proximity to the post reduces force. Deformation in the structure and winch assembly is caused by cables being further away from the post - look at the difference!

Winch Drum Placement and Lift Cable
Drum Groove

We carefully select the drum width to maintain one wind for the lift height, which means no overwind. The drum is also grooved to prevent the cables from coming into contact with each other, which greatly extends cable life. We are so confident in our lift design, that all of our electric lifts offer our industry leading 15-year cable warranty!


  • Lastly, the motor is an integrated and enclosed system, making it one of the safest and most reliable motors in the industry.


*Note: Any unauthorized modifications, such as the installation of after-market drives or any components other than genuine ShoreStation®, is not recommended and will void warranty.

Lifting Principle


Our hydraulic lifting principle is unique from other hydraulic lifts because we utilize cables which allow for the cylinders to be "high and dry" resulting in less exposure to corrosive conditions. Our cables are 7x19 stainless steel, and are never wound, therefore we can offer the industry best 15-year cable warranty! Hydraulic cylinders retract to lift the boat, which means the sealing surfaces are protected when the lift is in the "up" position (where it sits 90% of the time).


Hydraulic Lift

The hydraulic lift cylinder (red) pulls on the lift cables (green) to create the lifting action. The lift cables are strung to come out each end of the lift tube. This distributes the load across two posts on the lifts structure. The cylinder retracts to lift so the polished surface of the cylinder rod is pulled inside the cylinder and protected from exposure to the environment. All of the hydraulic components are above the water and never submerged.

The lift cables pull on two points on the platform. The level cable (blue) distributes the platform load across the width of the lift structure.


Our lifting principle features equalization of the load across the entire structure, promoting less stress and wear on the lift. The horizontal lift tube creates two lifting points instead of "V-Frame" lifts that have only 1 lifting point. Most competing lifts only have 1 lifting point, which puts all of the stress of the load on one corner, causing post deformation over time.

All electric ShoreStation® boat lifts feature a vertical lift design, yielding the minimum in winch cable requirement. The less cable required, the less winding that occurs, resulting in longer cable life. And because of our lift design, all crucial lifting mechanisms are always "high and dry" resulting in less exposure to corrosive conditions.

Electric Lift
  • 1The Winch Cable (green), is run through a pulley block (3,000 winch lifts and above). This pulley block reduces the load carried by the winch by half.
  • 2The Lift Cable (orange), splits into two and is pulled by the pulley block. The two splits are routed to each end of the lift tube. This allows the platform load to be carried across two posts (as opposed to one post in the case of 'open side' competitor's structure).
  • 3The Level Cable (blue), distributes the platform load across the width of the lift.

Structure & Materials

Along with an all-aluminum structure, we also utilize stainless steel and brass fasteners instead of welds. This allows the lift to "flex" in the event of high winds or boat impact, which is a critical element in the longevity and reparability of the lift. We source only the highest quality raw materials, and our in-house fabrication department allows us to provide superior process control.


ShoreStation Spool ConnectorAll ShoreStation® vinyl canopies are manufactured in-house in order maintain control over product and process quality. Our vinyl material consists of heavy-duty 18 oz material with 22 oz reinforced bungee pockets to prevent tear outs. Our refined sewing process entails double stitched ends and welded seams for a watertight seal and maximum life. Our improved bungee-attaching design eliminates the troublesome springs, and replaces them with our large radius spools for easy removal and maximum bungee life. Our signature canopy design hangs free on the sides which reduces wind resistance and offers better head clearance when entering and exiting your watercraft.

Canpoy Comparison Chart

Attention To Detail

It is attention to detail that really set our lifts apart. We engineer our lifts with those details in mind so you dont have to worry about them! Safety always comes first, and our top and bottom limit switches and wheel stop mechanism (Manual) protect the lift from misuse.

Poly BunksThe long-lasting aluminum poly bunks eliminate the need for fasteners, and are designed to flex and comform to the bottom of your boat for maximum support. The custom molded platform and bunk end caps give your lift a "clean and finished" appearance, while protecting your boat and the interior lift structure.

Pulleys & Bearings

Whether they are GARMAX bearings in platform pulleys or sealed roller bearings in the winch tube pulley; all pulleys and bearings are maintenance free. No lubrication required.

Large Plastic Sheave
  • Large custom injected molded plastic sheave are specially designed to increase cable life. The large radius reduces cable fray and wear so you can depend on your lift for years to come.
Custom Extrusion Crowd
  • Custom extrusions 'crowd' sheaves to keep cables retained. No need to worry about breakdowns due to cables jumping off the pulley.
Garmax Bearing Cut Away
  • GAR-MAX® bearings consist of a filament-wound, fiberglass-impregnated, epoxy backing with a low friction wear-resistant lining. The inert nature of the material makes it ideal for high loads and corrosive environments such as seawater and acidic enviroments. No lubrication is required.

Boat Lift Options

We offer a wide variety of Boat Lift Options to help you maximize the look, performance, and enjoyment of your boat lift. From functional items like motor stops to convenience items like drop side entry bars, we got you covered!

Hydraulic Render with all Accessories

Please visit Inside ShoreStation® to learn more about our history and core principles