Dock Advantage

Dock Advantages

Your dock is the heart of your lake home. It has to stand up to the daily punishment of boats, rough water, the sun, the kids – you name it. It has to do all this and stay trouble-free, so you can relax and focus on more important things.

Foot Friendly

Foot Friendly

Our "foot friendly" aluminum decking eliminates the fear of painful wood splinters, burning feet, or slipping and falling. Our textured deck sections create a non-slip surface even when wet. They have been engineered to stay cool on even the hottest summer days. The angled leg frames provide a wider base for a level of stability and safety that you won't find in ordinary docks.

Looks Do Matter

Looks do matter

Looking to make a real statement with your waterfront? Look no further, ShoreStation® Dock is the best looking dock system on the market! It's not your typical industrial looking dock. Our distinctive sand-beige decking, modular design, and color matched accessories create a warm and inviting look that never goes out of style.

Minimum Maintenance

Minimum Maintenance

Weekends at the lake should be spent relaxing with the family, not worrying about your dock. That's why we designed our dock system with minimum maintenance in mind.

Our superior powder-coat paint provides maximum protection, giving you a long-lasting, low maintenance dock for years to come. The solid sand-beige color decking sections allow for easy "touch up" in the event of a scratch, keeping your dock looking like the day you bought it year after year. Our sideboards and accessories feature EON® material, which is a unique 100% synthetic material that offers the beauty of wood without the maintenance. It is designed specifically for the marine environment, and is resistant to cold, heat, mold, mildew, UV rays and insects. Visit EON® Marine for more information.

Installation Made Easy

installation made easy

Finding the right dock to fit your lifestyle and your waterfront doesn't have to be hard. In fact, ShoreStation®'s made it easy. You can choose from our Classic Sectional Dock or our ShoreBridge® Dock.

Whether you just like the looks or your shoreline demands it…ShoreBridge® is a great option. It can be installed as roll-in, free-standing, pile-mount, or post-mount. Perfect for any shoreline!

Listen up all you "do-it'yourselfers"…Our Classic sectional dock is not only good looking, but most layouts can be installed by two people in less than one hour! With no tools necessary and our patented cam lever and "quick as a click" leg system, installation is easier and faster than any of our competitors' sectional dock!

- Debating which ShoreStation® dock system is right for you? Visit our Dock Comparison Chart to determine for yourself!



We offer a wide variety of the most elegant and durable Dock Accessories to help you maximize the look, performance, and enjoyment of your waterfront. From functional items like solar lights to decorative accents such as flagpoles, they're all designed to transform your dock from a simple walkway to the heart of your lakefront.

Dock Accessories:

Lakefront Layout Program

Lakefront Layout is the easiest way to design and configure a ShoreStation dock layout.

How It Works – The Basics

Below are the basic steps to begin designing a dock (for PC). If you have a Mac-based PCs will need to follow the manual instructions.

  1. Download and install Google Sketchup version 8.
  2. Download and install the ShoreStation Lakefront Layout Plug-in
  3. Download the pricing template for the software.

Here is a video to help you with the installation:

Please visit Inside ShoreStation® to learn more about our history and core principles