ShoreStation Partners With HGTV’s Chip Wade On Permanent Boat Lift Project


Ida Grove, IA (March 25, 2020) – Living the lake lifestyle is all about finding ways to enjoy time with family and friends, both in and out of the water. That mentality has always been at the heart of what ShoreStation’s line of boat lift and dock products are all about. Over the past year, ShoreStation has partnered with HGTV’s Chip and Pauli Wade in their renovation of a picturesque lake house property named “Misty Mill” to create a boathouse that takes the waterfront lifestyle to a whole new level.

Located on Lake Sinclaire, Georgia, Misty Mill was purchased by Chip Wade’s father, who enlisted the skills of Chip and Pauli to renovate the house and property, in 2019. Along with updating the home, they removed the property’s old boat dock and built a signature multifunctional boathouse with a timeless design. Chip's plan called for the 30ft x 30ft boathouse platform to have two sections of the deck raise and lower in and out of the water.

This function could be used as a seamless boat lift, creating an uninterrupted deck in the boathouse. To turn this plan into a reality, the Wades teamed up with ShoreStation. The company’s Permanent Boat Lifts were the perfect fit for Chip’s blueprint. ShoreStation’s Permanent Platform Lift is specifically designed to blend into the dock and be flush with the decking when raised out of the water.

Chip commended partnering with ShoreStation, “The entire team at ShoreStation was amazing to work with. They were eager and curious to create something new. From their design team to their management and installation support, they were there–from start to finish–to ensure the install was perfect.”

Not only does this keep the waterfront views uninterrupted and make for easier boat access, but it also allowed the Wades to utilize more space in their boathouse. The low-maintenance lifts use ShoreStation’s safe, reliable, and powerful hydraulic lift mechanism. Boat bumpers were also installed for easy boat maneuvering when launching or docking.

According to Wades, the two permanent boat lifts have entirely transformed the way they use the dock for gatherings. “What would have been a series of 4ft pathways is now a multipurpose 30ft x 30ft platform of flush decking with the option of storing boats in the slips–if desired,” said Chip.

“Chip and Pauli did an excellent job in building a truly unique and inspiring boathouse with the creative integration of the ShoreStation Platform Lifts,” said Renee Mason, Public Relations Manager of ShoreStation. “We strive to create products that allow people to make the most out of their time on the water, and the Wades have definitely accomplished that with this project.”

When asked about the inspiration behind the boathouse design, Chip stated, “Over the last 15 years of doing remodels and custom new builds for HGTV and private clients, I am always looking to reinvent the way we use spaces to accommodate our changing lifestyles.” Chip continued, “Seeing the way most people build docks and boathouses leaves so much coveted square footage to a single boat storage purpose. I thought that multipurpose platforms that can accommodate boat storage or entertaining was an option I could not refuse!”

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