DC Power Makes Boat Lifts Safe and Reliable


DC Power Safe Lift

ShoreStation broke the traditional molds when it introduced its FlexPower® system, resulting in the fastest boat lifts on the market. DC battery power is the brawn behind FlexPower, purposely chosen for its safety and superior performance over AC in marine environments. Dependable DC power, combined with ShoreStation's time-tested boat lift design, a solar charger and wireless remotes, results in a powerful and worry-free means to get a boat on and off the water.

DC power performs better in wet environments where corrosion is inevitable. Corrosion in an AC circuit increases amp draw, resulting in aggravating GFCI tripping. DC systems may experience corrosion on the motor brushes, but the deep-cycle battery provides ample amperage to get it moving, obliterating corrosion and returning the system back to normal.

Today's high-speed boat lifts also need a lot of power, another area in which a DC system shines. Long power runs from the AC breaker panel to the boat lift are prone to voltage drop. Such brown-out conditions are very hard on AC motors. This can lead to nuisance GFCI tripping, stranding a boat on a lift and expensive motor replacement.

With ShoreStation's FlexPower, the battery acts as a buffer between the power supply and lift. It delivers maximum and constant power to the motor for fast lift times, eliminating low AC voltage issues and ensuring years of trouble-free operation.

ShoreStation FlexPower also removes the worry of battery drain and maintenance. Its choice of charging systems keep the battery at peak power, and enable the user to leave it on the lift, even through the winter.

ShoreStation's FlexPower system is powered by two marine deep-cycle batteries, allowing the system's charge to be maintained by a 20W solar panel and completely removing the need for an AC power circuit on the dock. This not only eliminates the high, up-front cost of the circuit, but also its annual inspection and maintenance to ensure safety and reliability.

For users who prefer AC power, ShoreStation offers the 110V Battery Tender® to quickly charge and then maintain the battery. This option requires secure and waterproof electrical connections, including GFCI protection.

ShoreStation FlexPower lifts are available in hydraulic or electric configurations in a wide range of capacities. Hydraulic lifts, available in 4,000 to 15,000 lb. capacities, get boaters on and off the water in less than a minute. This fast, direct-lift design pulls cables, never winding them, and keeps the hydraulic pump and cylinder above the waterline.

The power winch are available in 1,500 to 7,000 lb. capacities. They integrate the time-tested winch with direct drive motor into a system that efficiently powers the lift with a push of a button on the remote.

ShoreStation FlexPower lifts have a MSRP of $8,000-$35,000 (price based on weight capacity).