Lakefront for Boat Season 101 - ShoreStation Lakefront Living

Ida Grove, IA (May 12, 2022) –

With less than six weeks to the heat of summer, we all have lakefront living on our minds. Just like waxing the hull of your ski boat or organizing your tackle, prepping your waterfront should give you that itch to get out on the water while making the days to get there go by faster. Here are a few dos and don’t to consider while preparing for the boating season:

Do have your lift installed prior to taking your boat out of storage. Mooring a boat to your dock for days is not recommended. Remember that your ShoreStation provides the safest storage place on the water for your dream boat. Keep your investment off the water until your lift is in place and operable.

Do check to make sure your lift is operational prior to putting your boat in the lake. Are the batteries for your speedy ShoreStation hydraulic lift fully charged? Are your cables in operating condition with no fraying or cuts? It’s always a good idea to have your ShoreStation dealer or installer verify your lift is boat season ready.

Don’t install your canopy on your lift until you are ready to put the boat in the lift. A canopy is a great way to further protect your watercraft. It’s common sense, however, that in high winds, an empty lift has a chance to rollover leading to downtime and repairs. Having your boat in the lift greatly diminishes the chance of high-wind related rollovers.

With your dock in place, lift set correctly, and your boat in a ShoreStation, you’re ready for summer simplified!