Free Standing Boat Lift

Boat Lifts that Elevate Your Summer

You anticipate your time on the water all year. So when summer arrives, every moment is precious. With ShoreStation's hydraulic boat lifts, you can be in or out of the water in under a minute. A fast lift translates to more time for making memories on the water.

Find Your Fit

Whether your watercraft is a 35’ deck boat, 15’ bass boat, or a 900 lb. PWC, ShoreStation provides a lift that properly fits the hull. With over 60+ years in the industry we’ve perfected the way our lifts cradle the watercrafts they carry

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Boat Lifts

Simple and swift, our lifts do the work for you. Never miss another day on the water, floating with the currents or reeling in the catch of the day.

Available in 1200 lb. to 15000 lb. capacity

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Pontoon Lifts

Spend your moments relaxing with family and friends; hassle free, worry free. Designed for larger pontoons, our lifts offer greater support with three cradle options to choose from.

Available in 3000 lb. to 10000 lb. capacity

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PWC Lifts

Our four lift styles offer unique benefits to accommodate your style of waterfront, allowing you fast access to the water.

Available in 800 lb. to 1,500 lb. capacities, with your choice of dock-mount or free standing models for one or two machines.

Simple and swift
from launch to lift.

Freestanding Boat Lifts

ShoreStation lifts are some of the fastest on the market — but they’re more than that. From the effortless centering of the load guides to the reliable boat stops, ShoreStation allows you to focus on the reason you’re at the lake in the first place: to relax and enjoy the water.


Revolution Series Canopy Cover

Equipped with exceptional weather resistant fabric and breathable SunTex 80 woven mesh ends for maximum protection and durability, the Revolution Series Canopy is the most innovative canopy on the market.


Wireless Remote

Wireless Remote

ShoreStation® has everything you need to create the custom waterfront of your dreams. Raise and lower your ShoreStation Hydraulic Lift or ShoreScreen with this handy remote transmitter. Two come standard with all powered lifts.


Quickly Secures Boat

When you have a Hydraulic Lift, there's no need to worry about wind and waves getting in your way. This lift is the fastest on the market and will give you confidence to safely land and secure your boat in less than ideal conditions.


Maximum Protection for Your Boat and Lift

Bring your boat to a stop in the perfect position every time. Our bow and motor stops help prevent your boat from overrunning the lift.


Worry Free Landing

ShoreStation's system of quality products ensures that your time is spent enjoying those special moments, rather than wasted on worry or maintenance issues. Bring your boat to a stop in the perfect position every time. Our bow and motor stops help prevent your boat from overrunning the lift, while our Boat Guides allow for easy entrance into your lift in wind and waves.


From Covered to Uncovered in Seconds

We know how much your watercraft means to you and how you want to keep it in showroom condition. With our ShoreScreen Power Curtain, there's no more hassling with traditional heavy boat covers and snaps. Protect your boat from damaging UV rays, and create a barrier against wind-blown debris, insects and birds to ensure your boat stays looking great, year after year.


Solar Battery Charging System

For more than 60 years, ShoreStation has manufactured some of the most widely-used waterfront products that are proven to perform, time and time again. Easily recharge your lift battery with clean, free solar power. Our speedy 20 watt charger features solar regulator drainage protection, saving your battery from permanent damage caused by overcharging.

A Better Boat Lift.

From hydraulic to manual, select your boat lift system.

From the simplicity of our manual lift to the advanced safety of our hydraulic boat lift, ShoreStation continues elevating standards for boat lift manufacturers.

Solar-Powered Systems

Safe. Simple. Solar.

ShoreStation's solar-powered boat lift systems harness the sun’s energy, making your lift more cost-effective, efficient and maintenance-free.


Power the lift with clean, free solar power. The speedy 20 watt charger features a solar regulator to prevent battery drain and protect your battery from permanent damage caused by overcharging.

CONVENIENCE & SAFETY - Skip the electricity - it's simple with solar. With ShoreStation's solar-powered system, you avoid the need for AC power on your dock, allowing you to focus on what's important - enjoying life's special moments.

PEACE OF MIND - Even during a power outage, our solar-powered DC system lifts remain fully functional ensuring there is always power to your lift. What's even better? Solar Powered DC systems last longer and perform better in marine environments.

EASE OF MAINTENANCE - With solar-powered lifts, gone are the days of hassling with battery maintenance. Simply plug it in, connect to the battery, and you're ready! Solar power quickly charges the lift battery and then switches to maintenance mode to protect the battery from overcharging - effectively preventing battery drain and maintaining peak power.

The panel can be left on the battery year round eliminating the need to remove it for winter storage.