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ShoreStation® Dealer Spotlight

Brad Nelson of C & C Boat Works

Brad Nelson of C & C Boat Works

Brad Nelson, C & C Boat Works’ second generation owner, inherited his ShoreStation enthusiasm. “In 1960, Byron Godbersen [ShoreStation’s founder] approached my dad about being Minnesota’s first ShoreStation dealer,” said Nelson. “Byron drove right up to our dealership with a steel boat lift pulled behind a station wagon. We started carrying the SS3698, SS36110, and a few SS2098 lifts. Byron was a great seller of quality, and my dad recognized quality.”

As the decades passed, C & C integrated ShoreStation aluminum vertical boat lifts into their steel cantilever boat lift line-up. “Our customers are looking for flawless lift operation, so they can enjoy time on the lake and not worry about how they’ll get the boat on and off the water,” stated Nelson.

C & C Boat Works

With their customer’s wishes in mind, C & C Boat Works embraced ShoreStation innovation with the introduction of Hydraulic and Electric Boat Lifts. “Boats are getting bigger,” said Nelson, “Manual winch are not as practical. Customers who ask for a manual lift and aftermarket drive are easily swayed to ShoreStation’s EDS boat lift.”

ShoreStation’s electric boat lift incorporates a safety stop to prevent over-cranking and has a 15-year cable warranty; aftermarket drives void a manual lift’s warranty.

C & C Boat Works demonstrates manual, electric, and hydraulic boat lifts for first-time boat lift purchasers. “The demo sells the hydraulic boat lift, especially to customers whose desire it is to go boating more often,” said Nelson. “The operation shows off the quiet, quick, easy and flawless operation for not a lot of extra money. If the customer chooses to go with the electric boat lift, they still receive the great 15-year cable warranty. Our customers love the safe and modern-era solar panel for both boat lifts.”

Nelson and his salesman both own ShoreStation hydraulic boat lifts. “When ShoreStation started using hydraulic technology for its boat lifts in the 1990s, we were immediately impressed,” said Nelson. “We tout ShoreStation reliability. We have had over 50 years of ShoreStation experience, and it’s a brand that has met our test of time.”

C & C Boat Works is located in Cross Lake, MN, and serves the White Fish Chain area as a full-service boat dealer. For sales and service, contact C & C Boat Works at 218-692-3570.