Sales Policy

ShoreStation® is committed to providing reliable and innovative waterfront equipment to our consumers. To support this effort, we do not authorize dealer sales of our products through e-commerce websites such as eBay, Craigslist, or similar. Purchasing any ShoreStation® product through such outlets may result in a voided warranty. Consumers are advised to check our Dealer Locator before making a purchase to ensure they are purchasing from a local dealer for the reasons listed below:

  1. You, the consumer, may base your decision on limited information and may purchase the incorrect products and accessories for your specific application.
  2. You are likely to have a level of dissatisfaction if your ShoreStation® product is not purchased from a local dealer. Our dealers are well trained and experienced with our products, and provide professional assembly, installation, parts, and service support that cannot be provided over the Internet.
  3. Improper assembly and installation of our products leads to unsatisfactory performance and reduced product life, and this may result in a voided warranty.

Galvanized Black Stain Removal

Stains can be removed with a scrub pad and a product called "Orange Blast" or other similar orange citrus cleaner. Another product, called "Wipe and Shine", generally used on tires, will bring back the shine of the original galvanization. This is the safest method we know of to clean galvanization as well as produce luster on this finish for boat shows.

Boat Lift Water Depths

To function properly, the lift must be installed at a depth where the boat is nearly floating free in the lowered position and protected from the waves in the raised position. Maximum Water Depth measurements are taken on the lake end of the lift with the legs fully extended. They are based on raising the boat out of the water 24 inches.

Services FAQs

This depends on the model number. The first 2 numbers are the capacity in hundreds of pounds.

This depends on the model number. The last 3 numbers are the inches between the posts of entry, prior to the installation of optional load guides.

Left front or right rear on aluminum and right front or left rear on steel.