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Marcus Dominguez of Kinsel Docks

Marcus Dominguez of Kinsel Docks

Marcus Dominguez of Kinsel Docks knows the Rockport, Texas, waterfront like few others. Working the coast off Aransas Pass to Seadrift, Dominguez has owned Kinsel Docks since 2002. “We are waterfront construction.” said Dominguez, “We do pilings, bulkheads, docks, boathouse lifts… if it’s on the waterfront, Kinsel Docks handles it.”

ShoreStation is the boat lift brand that Kinsel Docks chooses to keep his waterfront owners boating in style. “We are the Rolex of waterfront construction,” stated Dominguez. “We were the first to use 2 x 12 beams to prevent sagging docks. I attend Dock and Deck seminars to keep up with the latest materials. The competition makes it a habit to follow us.”

Kinsel Docks

Dominguez’s latest breakthrough offering – ShoreStation lifts – has kept him on track as a high-end waterfront contractor. “I watched ShoreStation’s website video and was amazed at how quiet the lift is, the fast travel, and how clean it looks. People want to fish at 5 AM but not wake their neighbors!”

Kinsel Docks sold and installed two boat house lifts to country legend George Strait. “ShoreStation is maintenance free,” said Dominguez. “The hidden moving parts make for accident-free operation. In the past, I had to cover up cables or pulleys for safety. When customers see ShoreStation in person – actually run the lift with the remote – they want it.”

At first, Dominguez had his doubts: “I was scared of changing to hydraulic lifts,” stated Dominguez, who used pole winders in the past. “ShoreStation helped with my first install, and it was much easier than other brands,” said Dominguez, who also touts ShoreStation service. “Anytime, I had a problem, I had support. I’ve sold 30 lifts for companies who never gave me the time of day; these people are like family.

“ShoreStation has helped to rejuvenate my business; it’s great to be a leader on my waterfront.”

Connect with Dominguez at www.facebook.com/KinselDocks