Free Standing Boat Lift Accessories

Customize your lift with premium options & accessories!

Different Dock Sizes

Land your boat with ease!

Position your boat properly with boat load guides. Our fully adjustable, low maintenance, poly-covered guides provide maximum protection for your boat and lift

Boat Guides

Guide your boat properly into positioning with boat lift guides. Our fully adjustable, low maintenance, poly covered guides provide maximum protection for your boat and lift.

Mix-and-Match to get the best combination to suit your boat landing conditions!
Centering Device

These guide posts self-adjust while applying force as the boat enters the lift to keep the boat centered for trouble-free loading every time

Glide Pole
GlidePole Corner Post Load Guides with bracing

Provides visual aid and protects your boat and lift from impact while entering the lift as well as providing strength and stability.

GlidePole Corner Post Load Guides

Pivots on the corner of your lift to provide a visual aid when centering and landing your boat on the lift. Fully adjustable inward, outward, and vertically for desired protection.

GlidePole Interior Post Load Guides

Many options to guide your boat where you need it. Mount them anywhere along the length of the lift's lower platform for complete protection.

Front Post Load Guides

Keeps the boat's bow centered when landing in high wind or waves. Mounts on the front cradle tube allowing it to adjust inward and outward for maximum protection.

Bow & Motor Stops

Bow and Motor Stops

Bring your boat to a stop in the perfect position every time. These bow and motor stops will help prevent your boat from overrunning the lift.

Available in a variety of sizes to fit your boat.

Lighting Options

LED Flexible Strip Canopy Lights

LED Flexible Strip Canopy Light

Two LED 60 inch flexible strip canopy lights; 12V DC with remote control

Leg Options

Traditional Adjustable Legs

Traditional Adjustable Legs

Telescoping leg extensions come standard for water depths up to 4-1/2 ft. Optional longer adjustable leg extensions available for deeper water. Featuring a large foot pad for stability and locking pins for height adjustment these legs ensure proper installation in variety of water depths from one to eight feet.